Sanur has been a long famous for many people all around the world and it's one of the most beautiful beach in Bali. The Sanur beach are ideal in the early morning for the coast there faces the sun rising over Island of Nusa Penida where the traditional fishing boat  called jukung can be seen on the beach of sanur offering a scenic view of the island Nusa Penida. Spend your holiday in sanur, walking on along the white beach side, watch an amazing sunrise in the morning or following path through the surrounding hamlets and coconuts groves, take a look at the coral pyramid in the sea temple or the old pillar inscription of ancient temple.  On the clearest day Bali's Agung volcano are floats distantly above its collar of clouds.

Sanur area is a desirable area in Bali, a center for quiet Bali hotels, shopping, and relaxation  a number of long-established Bali resort and Bali villa exist in the area , Sanur is also known as residential area on Bali's east coast.Sanur offers easy access and short proximity to the beach and public facilities, including restaurants, cafes , souvenir shops, and nine-hole golf course. Many of the dive centers also rent out water sports equipment, including kayaks, windsurfers, and jet skits.Most also offer parasailing and water-skiing. If you just need a break from your daily routine, strolling along the grainy beach in the morning whilst catching the sunrise is surely a good remedy. As a charming seaside village, Sanur welcomes anyone to savor the most conducive Bali holiday ambience.


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This good time to learn balinese special culinary. if you love to see and learn about the the secret of making balinese food



Biking is one of your village tours in Sanur. We can explore the original view of the village along the paths of the Sanur village. Then, ride a bike along the beach is also the best way to enjoy the daily life in Sanur.


Due to its smaller countryside acreage than Kuta or Nusa Dua, golf courses in Sanur don't have more than 9 holes. The Grand Bali Beach Hotel's own Bali Beach Golf Course is the only international-standard golf course in Sanur. Located in the heart of Sanur, Bali Beach Golf Course gives an extra challenge with its smaller range packed with shady pines and hibiscus trees.

Kite Flying

Sanur's shoreline is more than enough for kite hobbyists, but for die-hard fans the annual Bali Kite Festival at Padang Galak beach should not be missed. This three-day event covers Padang Galak with animal figures, giant fish, birds, and other traditional-shaped kites. It creates an artificial screen, which the sun can shine through, showing a vibrant and colourful animal-shaped cloud.

Balinese traditional kites are very big: with an average diameter of six to eight metres it takes a team of more than twenty people to fly it. In 2008, teams from 12 countries took part in this festival including Indonesia, Australia, Russia, Taiwan, New Zealand, The Philippines, Malaysia, Germany, The USA, Japan, India, and China – between them there were more than 700 kites. The festival usually takes place in July and it has been held since 1978, so don't miss this 40th year.

Sanur Water Sport

Various water sport are offered at kiosks along the beach: close to Museum Le Mayer; near Sanur Beach Market; and at Surya Water Sport. Price at all three places are similar, and are based on a minimum of two people. You can go parasailing, jet-skiing, water-skiing, snorkeling by boat), windsurfing, or be towed on an inflatable banana.

Snorkeling in Sanur Beach

For snorkeling, Sanur is the second best site on the island. To find the best spots you could rent a dinghy and reach places further away than the immediate vicinity of the beach, although to be safe perhaps it's a good idea to sign up for a snorkeling package at your hotel or with a diving provider. Snorkeling in Sanur is better during the high tide: as the level gets higher the underwater life animates naturally.

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